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Updated July 2008

Welcome to the Jet Boat Tech Page 2.

The Build Up


After getting the housing powder coated black (not shown in pic) it was ready for assembly. I obtained parts from Hi-Tech Performance and used the Ultimate Wear ring along with a new style packing seal. Here is the Berk Pump that I assembled. It houses the B Cut Dominator impeller. Yes you can put a dominator impeller in a Berk housing with the proper wear ring. It also has a new Place Diverter for the nice rooster tail.



The pump installed on the intake assembly. The intake has been modified by the previous owner who is the east coast Jet boat King. He machined a shoe and ride plate as well with a loader grate.
Here you can see the ride plate. Also the transome housing mocked up. I will machine my own cradle mount so that I can adjust my ride plate angle.



This is a boat cradle I made with the help of a friend who works with wood. I do not work with wood. Give me steel and aluminum any day.
Thanks to my Father helping out with taking the boat off the trailer. I needed to re-do the trailer and that is why the boat cradle was made.



Here is the boat at it's resting place while I refurbish the trailer.

This is the nastly trailer. I sanded it all down and replaced the wood bunks. I also got new tires and rims. As you can see I also need fenders.



The trailer after sanding and painting it. I also drilled new holes for the LED lights. I used rustoleum and then went to a body shop supply place and got reducer and hardner and sprayed it. I purchased fenders on E-bay for 25.00. Sanded them and also painted them with rustoleum as well. Notice new bunks and carpet. New wheel bearing and seals as well.



Boat back on the refurbished trailer awaiting rigging,
wiring and engine.
Just another picture of what I have done so far.


Time for wiring. I built my own wire harness and
used the boating association wire colors.
I also added a fuse box. This will run my Bandelog valve, MSD kicker, and my bilge pump among other items.


The main harness runs down the side of the gunnel.
I had to glass in some wood so I can attached my loomed harness properly.
The battery resides in the tansome area. I TIG welded and fabricated the battery hold downs. Also most of the wiring is complete with a master Moroso cut off switch. Next up engine install time.


All Autometer gauges wired and ready.
The switch panel so far has one of the most important items. The kill switch. This acts just like the personal watercraft ones do with lanyard and all.


Subfloor I made and carpeted is installed.
Now this is starting to look like boat. The go pedal and the place diverter control.


Ahh the good stuff. I got the Big Block Chevy off the stand and had my Father once again use the bucket loader.
Here he is lowering the engine into place.


The engine was set in the hull and aligned with blocks to line up the shaft.
Here you can see the blocks in the front. Now it is time to get the angle mounts, drill new holes in the stringers (it did not have a Chevy in it before).


I got the front mounts in with some machining and squaring them up. Drilling the holes were the most time consuming. I had to use a small angle drill and drill from the inside out.
I got the front mount plate on e-bay as well and polished them up. My custom stringer plates that I made worked good.


This is the right rear mounting plate which started out close to the picture on the right. It required extensive machining on the milling machine to get it to fit. I had about 4 hours of machining and trial fitting this thing. This is the left side rear mount which required about 2 hours of machining to get it to fit. When these were done they fit perfect.


I had to make a drill JIG for the right rear mount becuse of the starter "bump" in the rear mouting plate. This allowed me to drill from the outside in. I located the holes using the digital readout on the Bridgeport Milling machine.
Here is the drill JIG in action. It worked good. This took all day to machine the mount and make the drill jig and get the engine locked down. Here you can see the starter bump right below the gold color bolt.


Top of the carb. mounting plate is 0.2 degrees out with the boat level and the engine mounted. This is as close to level as I can get. It is level both fore and aft and left and right.
Just another shot of the Big Block.


Here is the 461 Cubic Inch Big Block Chevy finally locked down in its place. The scoop was again an e-bay item. It was cracked in two pieces and 20 bucks. A little time with the TIG welder and it was all better.
The rear plate and the U-joint protector (another ebay item) ready for the water. Notice custom made coil bracket that bolts to the back of the head.


This is called a cradle mount for the ride plate. I machined it so I can set it level and also it will allow the ride plate to adjust from 2 degrees to 5 degrees in the up position Place diverter in the up position yields 17.3 degrees. This should shoot a good rooster tail.


This is the puke tank breather that I made. I made the mounts as well. It bolts to the back of the heads. Just a shot of the plumbing and wiring I did.


Almost all rigged and ready to go. Just have a couple of plumbing lines, put in the seats and wire up the MSD and Banderlog Valve. All done. This is picture is actually after the first run on the lake.


At the lake getting it ready.
In the water for it's first maiden voyage. All in all in ran pretty good. I have some carb. adjustment and timing curve settings that need attendance.



I recurved the MSD distributor and reset the carb floats. I also set the base timing to 10 degrees before TDC with a total advance of 35 at 3000RPMs. It now runs great. Check out the Video. Right Click and Save as.

Jet Boat Run Video




Check out Steve' s Cheyene Jet Boat I helped restore.



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