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Eaton M112 Project

on a 87 Mustang GT



Here I am TIG welding what I love to do.



I have always wanted a blower sticking out of the hood of a car since I was a kid. I used to draw all my cars when I was bored in
school with of course a 6-71 or 8-71 (bigger the better) sticking out of the hood. So here is my rendition of of an ongoing one-off
project of mine. Take an Eaton M-112 blower from a Ford Lightning and adapt it to a pushrod 5.0 HO motor.




The Blower:

I purchased this blower on E-bay a year or so ago with the thought in the back of my head that someday I will be able to
fabricate all items necessary to adapt it to a 5.0 motor. The pic shows the Eaton M-112 blower just after unpacking it and putting it
on a stock 5.0 lower intake.


First Design Upper Intake Plenum:

Before attempting to fabricate an upper intake plenum box I needed to make an adapter plate. I used the stock Lightning upper to
blower gasket as a template. I then mounted a 6061 .500 aluminum plate in the Bridgeport milling machine and whittled away at it
until I had what looked to be a nice adapter plate for the box to be.


As You can see this was the first design and I did not like how it was so I did not use it. Onto the second design.



Second Design Upper Intake Plenum:


As You can see I did not like the first design of the upper intake plenum. It was just a tube and a box tapped together
anyway. Only machining involved was the plate. By this time I was able to acquire a sheet metal shear to make cutting
aluminum and steel sheet nice and square a breeze. It is even air powered. You gotta hear this thing cut....BANG!!!


So after "fixing" the shear and getting it in working order I was able to start building and fabricating the second design
upper intake plenum box. The machined throttle body plate is one of my Nitrous Nozzle adapter plates that I designed and I
have a friend CNC them for me. All I had to do was drill and tap the holes for the bolts to hold the throttle body. I had plenty of
plates on hand if I messed this one up :).



View of the backside where the vacuum fittings will reside.


Mock up and more progress.


I decided to machine my own vacuum fittings out of 6061 Hex stock aluminum and then TIG weld them in from the back side
of the plenum box. They are 1/4" NPT threads. This was easy on the lathe.


Once again the "design sometimes as you fabricate" approach. I did not like the way the curved top was coming out
so I decided to go with the more "box" approach. More on the top later.


In order for the factory Ford throttle cable to work in the "pull back" mode I had to extensively modify the throttle body.


Here is what I did. Some just say to use the Explorer TB and be done with it, but that still will not work. I have about 10 or
so mustang throttle bodies on hand that I use for boring out for people, so ruining one or so did not really matter. Anyway I cut the
main cable attaching plate off of the throttle body and flipped it over along with the attaching ball stud. All this had to be rewelded
back onto the shaft assembly. I usually TIG weld most of my welds. TIGGING builds a lot of heat. This in turn would melt the
plastic bushing where the spring sits on. So I fired up the lathe once again and turned a new bushing out of 6061 aluminum. As you
can see on the pic to the right it works. The stock one is on the left and a modified one on the right.


I now needed to fabricate a throttle cable bracket. After some careful measuring with a caliper and making a drawing
I was able to machine the slot in the angle aluminum. I then TIG welded it to the box.


Notice the top part of the box is now the "boxy" look instead of the curved look. I also used another nitrous nozzle adapter
plate set up for a dry nozzle for future use ???



Lower Intake To Blower:


GT-40 Lower Intake Rady for Mock up.
This is the blower and upper box at my buddies CNC home shop. We are writing a program that will mill the adapter out. I know it it high, but that is what holes in hoods are for...

I will be using a GT-40 lower intake to adapt the Eaton M-112 blower to it. I will be extending the Eaton snout and shaft. Stay tuned.


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